green nikki and mrGreen317 are proud to present Game Night, Geo Edition, PART 2: Geo Pictionary coming to a Best Way Pizza in Greenwood on March, 30, 2019. It should be a fun night of good food, games, and of course, great geo-friends. Go to the event page: GC83R8V.

Geo Pictionary

Enjoyable fun, food, friends, and games for everyone!

DATE: Saturday, March 30, 2019

Evening's Schedule:

5:00 PM - Meet and Greet, some food, TBs, etc

5:30 PM - Geo Pictionary

6:30 PM (or conclusion of Pictionary) - More "Final Trivia" for all in attendance having not yet received any prizes during the earlier game

Questions may be directed to mrGreen317 using email or the geo-messenger available by clicking on that profile link.

Event page with attend logs for original Game Night Event: GC81F8Q


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