green nikki and mrGreen317 are proud to present Game Night, Summer Picnic Edition coming to Shawnee State Park (Pavilion 7) in Bedford County, PA, on August, 17, 2019. It should be a fun afternoon and evening of good food, games, and of course, great geo-friends.

Go to the event page: GC85H3Y.

Wheel of Geocaching! The Geo-Family Feud

Enjoyable fun, food, friends, and games for everyone!

Team Registration form for The Geo-Family Feud

Picnic needs sign-up form

DATE: Saturday, August 17, 2019

8:00 AM - State College, PA - Geocacher's Anonymous - See GC8AY8G for details of that event. Plenty of time to drive between events for anyone interested in both.

Event Schedule for Shawnee State Park picnic location in Bedford County, PA:

The GC85H3Y event officially starts at 3:00 PM, but those who arrive early may enjoy some local geocaching and other amenities of the state park. Come visit Pavilion 7 during the setup period (after 12 Noon) to pick up a special activity for some fun searching and possible prizes; you might even find some "pre-event tickets" that could guarantee your spot in Wheel of Geocaching!, scheduled for 5:00 PM.

3:00 PM - Event kick off; meet and greet; fire up grills

3:30 PM - As food becomes available, enjoy picnic fare and potluck items

4:15 PM - Eating and geo-conversation continues; pick up forms for the pre-games trivia

4:30 PM - Pre-games trivia for everyone in attendance (all who are interested)

5:00 PM - Wheel of Geocaching! A new game comes to the Game Night series. Participants will be selected from high-scoring pre-games trivia, themed pre-game puzzle handout, pre-event tickets, and also random drawing to fill in the remaining spots. Up to three groups of three will compete to make it to the final round which will run similar to an episode of the very popular TV game show.

6:30 PM - The Geo-Family Feud returns! Sign up to register your Feud team here.

7:30 PM (or conclusion of Feud) - More "Final Trivia" for all in attendance having not yet received any prizes during the earlier game

8:00 PM - Event concludes - Thanks for joining us!

For more information about the park, such as camping, hiking, or fishing opportunities, please see the main park page.

Questions may be directed to mrGreen317 using email or the geo-messenger available by clicking on that profile link.

Event page with attend logs for original Game Night Event: GC81F8Q

Event page with attend logs for original Game Night Event, Part 2: GC83R8V


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