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About the Twelve Gates Series

Twelve caches were hidden in SGL for Days 1 through 12, which ran Dec 25 through Jan 5. Each of these caches contained a prize and code for the FTF. These codes will be used to reveal the location of a final cache. This final will be released, weather dependent, hopefully in mid-January. FTF holders from the 12 Days series have had an opportunity for additional prize searching around the area where the final was hidden. Series FTF holders also were able to log the final pre-publication. All other cachers will now be able to get the codes they need for the final now that the initial prize period is complete. Use the Code Retrieval Tool (if series caches were logged before 1/24/18) or the laminated code cards that are now added to the 12 caches as the final is to be released for the general public.

Congratulations to MrBee&WillowTree with Willowbee2011 for the most FTFs in the series, at 3 FTFs. And congratulations to all of our FTF winners in the series. You have priority searching on the final cache of the series as well as some additional gifts. Team Green and Team Red prize cans, as well as the not-yet-published Twelve Gates Final are now hidden and ready to be found. Emails and geo-messages will be sent with more details this weekend, Sat 1/13/2017.

Series FTF List

GC7GBA0 / Day 1 MrBee&WillowTree
GC7GA0X / Day 2 KB3PPR and KB3PPS
GC7GA0T / Day 3 ted28285 and r.e.s.t.seekers
GC7GBAV / Day 4 74vwBusFamily
GC7GET4 / Day 5 jdm438 and dsimcisko
GC7GBAY / Day 6 ted28285 and r.e.s.t.seekers
GC7GE3X / Day 7 carels
GC7GD5N / Day 8 MrBee&WillowTree and Willowbee2011
GC7GJ7M / Day 9 KB3PPR and KB3PPS
GC7GE44 / Day 10 jdm438 and dsimcisko
GC7GE49 / Day 11 beans&franks
GC7GD5R / Day 12 MrBee&WillowTree

FTF Leader Board

1 MrBee&WillowTree 3 FTFs
2 KB3PPR and KB3PPS 2 FTFs
2 ted28285 and r.e.s.t.seekers 2 FTFs
2 jdm438 and dsimcisko 2 FTFs
3 74vwBusFamily 1 FTF
3 carels 1 FTF
3 beans&franks 1 FTF

FTF Team Arrangements

Team Red   Team Green
MrBee&WillowTree Days 1, 8 jdm438 and dsimcisko Days 5, 10
ted28285 and r.e.s.t.seekers Days 3, 6 KB3PPR and KB3PPS Day 2
KB3PPR and KB3PPS Day 9 74vwBusFamily Day 4
beans&franks Day 11 carels Day 7
MrBee&WillowTree Day 12


This is a Green-Hippo cache series