FTF Code Tool

As a holder of one or more of the Twelve Multis of Christmas (12 MoC) FTF codes, you will be able to use that code to preview some additional prizes to be awarded at a future geo-event. Enter one of the FTF codes that you have recieved along with your geocaching name. This will be your "log in" to the FTF prize selection page. If you cache with more than one separate geo-account, use either account username.



Please contact mrGreen317 (or use the geo-messenger to mrGreen317) if you encounter any problems with this log in page or have any issues with an FTF code. Thank you!


FTF prizes will be made available at the event GC8GNHN, J.A.G.A.'s Annual Event 2020 or possibly later at GC8H4DE, Game Night, Winter 2020 Edition. Arrangements can also be made to receive the gifts for anyone uanble to atttend this event.


This is a Green-Hippo cache series