About the Twelve Multi(caches)s Series for 2019

Twelve two-stage multi-caches were hidden in area State Game Lands (SGLs) for Days 1 through 12, which ran Dec 25, 2019, through Jan 5, 2020. Each of multi-caches had a final stage containing a prize and code for the FTF. These codes will be used to gain additional FTF prizes to be awarded at the annual JAGA yearly event (or possibly later at the Winter Game Night). Each of the 12 Multi-caches also contains a specific ornament at stage one and a code word at the final stage. Keeping track of each ornament and code word will be useful to locate and sign the Series Final Cache(s), to be revealed sometime after January 15, 2020.

Series FTF List

GC8H4CW / Day1MrBee&WillowTree
GC8H4D4 / Day2jdm438 and dsimcisko
GC8H4D8 / Day3r.e.s.t.seekers and ted28285
GC8H4D1 / Day4beans&franks
GC8H4D7 / Day574vwBus and Kmussel123
GC8H4CZ / Day7MrBee&WillowTree
GC8H4D6 / Day8m3a9 and gylb456
GC8H4DD / Day9KB3PPR/S and r.e.s.t.seekers / ted28285
GC8H4D3 / Day10KB3PPR/S and r.e.s.t.seekers / ted28285
GC8H4D5 / Day11r.e.s.t.seekers and ted28285
GC8H4DC / Day12KB3PPR and KB3PPS

FTF Leader Board

1r.e.s.t.seekers and ted282852 FTFs
1KB3PPR/S and r.e.s.t.seekers / ted282852 FTFs
1MrBee&WillowTree2 FTFs
2jdm438 and dsimcisko1 FTFs
2beans&franks1 FTFs
274vwBus and Kmussel1231 FTFs
2m3a9 and gylb4561 FTFs


FTF Recipients May Select Additional Prizes Here


This is a Green-Hippo cache series